Award-Winning Mariner Sets Sail Again

Fresh from winning both                   Best Theatre Show & Best In Fringe at the Shaftesbury Fringe 2016, our one-man, promenade-style         production of Coleridge's                   The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner      is returning in 2017 in a number of guises.

We are currently bidding for funds to tour the pubs of Somerset (the Mariner's home county!) and beyond in the Spring.

We have also made the production available to schools and colleges across the South West.

We aim to target festivals and other outdoor venues in the Summer.


Audience reaction from performances in 2016:

‘Vibrant and mesmerising… a fantastic performance.’

‘Brought to life an old local story that I’ve never been able to engage in as a reader.’

‘Genius use of space.’

And from the judge at The Shaftesbury Fringe:

"He performed it as if he were on the West End stage. What an experience. No props or costume just raw art; spellbinding."