Our new family show, playing at:

Theatre Loco at South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes,      April 3rd, 3pm start

The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury,                           April 24th, 3pm start

Meet Coyote…

She’s fast & fearless, cunning & kind!

But there are two things that she doesn’t like.

One is being cold: so she decides to steal fire & give it to the world!

And the other is Narrators, because they’re a bit, well you know, boring.

So imagine her surprise when she finds a Narrator telling her story…

The story of The Fire Catcher!

The Fire Catcher is an original play devised by Tor Theatre & based on

the Native American tale of the same name.

Physical theatre & storytelling collide in this fast & furious performance that boasts bags of opportunities for the audience to join in & get involved.

The Fire Catcher is suitable for children over 3 & their adults.

It runs for 1 hour.