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an original play by Tor Theatre


     In the beginning there was LILITH. Mother of daemons, killer of babies, corruptor of men.      Or so say those that have been oh-so-easily corrupted.

But then they would say that wouldn’t they?

LILITH is a physically dynamic new drama that brings to life Adam’s first wife & asks why her story has been told so many different times, by so many different people, for so many different reasons.

Tor Theatre’s new production explores our stories of creation, & the characters and questions that they stir up. Why do we keep re-telling these myths, & what do they say about us when we do?


“This uninhibited production – like no other I’ve seen but would like to see again. ****”

(Arthur Duncan,

“Beautiful writing, spot-on performances and great to have the brain challenged.”

(Mark Helyer, Take Art Somerset)

 “Inspiring theatre: thought provoking, poetic, well-paced and inventive. Please, give us more!”

(Johanna Van Fessem, Glastonbury)


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