We have taken Lilith to the Bridgwater Arts Centre, the Brewhouse in Taunton, the David Hall in Petherton

and the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms.

   In the beginning there was LILITH. Mother of daemons, killer of babies, corruptor of men.     

Or so say those that have been oh-so-easily corrupted.

But then they would say that wouldn’t they?


  LILITH is a physically dynamic new drama that brings to life Adam’s first wife & asks why her story has been told so many different times, by so many different people, for so many different reasons.


Tor Theatre’s new production explores our stories of creation, & the characters and questions that they stir up. Why do we keep re-telling these myths, & what do they say about us when we do?



“This uninhibited production – like no other I’ve seen but would like to see again. ****”

(Arthur Duncan,



“Beautiful writing, spot-on performances and great to have the brain challenged.”

(Mark Helyer, Take Art Somerset)



 “Inspiring theatre: thought provoking, poetic, well-paced and inventive. Please, give us more!”

(Johanna Van Fessem, Glastonbury)

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